Antinatalism discourages human reproduction. I discovered that word a few weeks ago. Here’s some antinatalist quotes from this website,

“There is no doubt that life is given to us, not to be enjoyed, but to be overcome — to be got over.”
~ Arthur Schopenhauer

“Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved.”

~ Mark Twain

“It disturbs me no more to find men base, unjust, or selfish than to see apes mischievous, wolves savage, or the vulture ravenous.”

~ Jean-Paul Sartre

“Most people get a fair amount of fun out of their lives, but on balance life is suffering, and only the very young or the very foolish imagine otherwise.”
~ George Orwell

“Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer

“We can regard our life as a uselessly disturbing episode in the blissful repose of nothingness.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.”

~ James Branch Cabell

“The more a human being in his worldview approaches the goal, the hegemony of love in a moral universe, the more has he become slipshod in the light of intellectual honesty.”

~ Peter Wessel Zapffe

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

“A: There is no grand scheme of things.

B: If there were a grand scheme of things, the fact – the fact – that we are not equipped to perceive it, either by natural or supernatural means, is a nightmarish obscenity.
C: The very notion of a grand scheme of things is a nightmarish obscenity.”
~ Thomas Ligotti

“Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


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